If we were numbers on a die.
I’d be six and you’d be one.
Thrown together by fate, latched to each other, unable to let you go.
You are always my number one. And I am always your number six.
The furthest number away from one, that a number on a die can physically be.
Unable to touch, not able to look at one another, yet never destined to live apart.
When you are on top, I am your foundation.
When I am on top, it’s only because of you.
We are each other’s strength, and we are each other’s balance.
Our sides add up to seven, giving each other purpose, and making the die complete.
Even though you’re far away I still feel close to you; I even feel supported when you’re not there to lean against.
And no matter where life throws us, we’ll always have each other.
Yet I want so much just to touch your face… to tell you I love you.
To do so, would be to saw the die in half…
To let each other go.
To be independent and to be free.
Yet to do so, would be to break my heart in two…
To do so, would be to die myself.

Davie Magill




As I sit I listen
To how the paint runs down the walls
Drenched by only memories
Each single tear that falls

Though my heart’s left wondering
Why the lonely ship set sail
When the sea’s forecast was stormy
An icy, stinging hail

Now slowly sinking to the surface
A lonely man once cried
A ship that sinks while wandering
Is a ship that never died

Now buried beneath the icy waves
The painted glass of time
I’m left here often pondering
Why you’re no longer mine

While the ship it shows it’s gratitude
For the tears dripped down the wall
A sailor is left wondering
What ship left bay at all?

For no man left was standing
To tell that tale at all
But is beckoned to the icy waves
Towards the captains call

One lonely sailor lost at night
With nothing but an oar
Is a dead man sinking to the surface
Straight to Satan’s door

The bell strikes not once
But several times, to shout to all above
All who slowly float on by
Each broken hearted love

Each chime a call to the dying
To pass to that happy place
A meaningful, echo passes the waters
As each sailor loses their race

Now the sailors stand on land
With no boat in bay at all
But they hear a ship’s chime echo
Death’s un-holy call

Davie Magill

Heart Beat in a Storm

Heart Beat in a Storm

Fractured mind. Spayed of kind.
Through thunderous memories, roaring through my time. I’m in decline, can’t mime to say these tears aren’t mine. It exacerbates, as in my mind we procreate, and it’s too late.
Heart mugged, body drugged. Day after shoulders shrugged. It didn’t happen to me, the date, the rape. You can’t deny fate. Overwhelmed by this sudden spate. Of thought. Denial sets in, excuses create.
Heart beat in a storm. Broken thoughts around my head. Sinking stomach filled with lead. Pain each day, tears all bled. You’ll be loved again, it’s said.
All lust is crushed, love pulped to dust. Limerence stands tall with signs of rust; a gleaming statue to mistrust. Can’t explain why I was touched. Surviving by a mental crutch.
Life disappears without a sight, I am a moth without a light. Trapped in darkness late at night, sleep won’t come. Can’t win this fight.
You’re so strong, those words are long. Gone is the strength that once belonged, the light that once with embers shone. I stand and watch as the world moves on. Blind to hope that lies beyond.
The smell of you I can’t escape. Still trapped with you without debate. And when I wake, I sit and shake. Nothing I can do but wait; and wait for fear to dissipate.
My heart is trapped within a crypt. My mind a fortress labyrinth. My soul trapped on sinking ship. To escape from you I’m not equipped.
I don’t believe in God, or pray. But on my knees I fell that day. And I’ve talked and spoken up above. Left here to stay, don’t understand that love. Yet you’re always with me, and I’m still in your bed. And you follow me around inside of my head. Tell me what’s real? Waste of time that I prayed? My body, my soul, my mind all decayed.
Holding onto all that’s left around. As you lay there naked on the ground. Exposed innocence, gripped by hate. Hope is shattered, no, too late.
Though you’ve lost the way to shine. You can still heal, through healing time. I’ll find the power to claim what’s mine. But I’ll start here within this rhyme.

Davie Magill

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