Seeing as I’m starting again I thought I would start this with one of my favourite poems from my last blog all those years ago. It’s good to be back!


As I sit I listen
To how the paint runs down the walls
Drenched by only memories
Each single tear that falls

Though my heart’s left wondering
Why the lonely ship set sail
When the seas forecast was stormy
An icy, stinging hail

Now slowly sinking to the surface
A lonely man once cried
A ship that sinks while wandering
Is a ship that never died

Now buried beneath the icy waves
The painted glass of time
I’m left here often pondering
Why you’re no longer mine

While the ship it shows it’s gratitude
For the tears dripped down the wall
A sailor is left wondering
What ship left bay at all?

For no man left was standing
To tell that tale at all
But is beckoned to the icy waves
Towards the captains call

One lonely sailor lost at night
With nothing but an oar
Is a dead man sinking to the surface
Straight to Satan’s door

The bell strikes not once
But several times, to shout to all above
All who slowly float on by
Each broken hearted love

Each chime a call to the dying
To pass to that happy place
A meaningful, echo passes the waters
As each sailor loses their race

Now the sailors stand on land
With no boat in bay at all
But they hear a ship’s chime echo
Death’s un-holy call

Davie Magill



2 thoughts on “Sinking”

  1. Hi Davie,

    I would interpret this piece with two words : “Unrequited Love” – yes?

    If so, then I fully understand the way these words are drawn.
    Love is given, yet never returned; or worse yet, returned in kind, only to dwindle slowly and be later retrieved by the rejector for his advantage. My bae would be a perfect example of the latter – as the Psychiatrist Eric Berne stated in his book “Sex in Human Loving” that: “Some say one-sided love is better than none, but like half a loaf of bread, it is likely to grow hard and moldy sooner.”

    “Hard and moldy” would be a somewhat accurate description of my life right now (but, only because I ‘let him in’ – when common sense told me not to go there). Four years of saving and planning had carved out a wonderful wanderlust ‘Winter of my life’; until – out of the blue – he came back into it, and turned it completely upside down.

    Sometimes, love really really SUCKS!
    But only “sometimes”. Never give up on trying to find Mr. Right (and winding up with Mr. Right Now).
    Be patient; even when one becomes jaded (which the end of the poem seems to suggest), and not in much of a ‘loving mood’ with a person who is initially attracted to you; for, that one person may be the key to a life of happiness. Try not to lose that ‘key’.

    “BZ” ….. “FOGGY” ❤

    P.S. : I wholly concur with Mr. Geller's prediction.


  2. Foggy! Good to hear from you. I would say there is a lot of love lost in this poem. I sort of see a person on land, waiting for the return of a loved one. While the world moves on, like a ship never even left. And while that person yearns for whoever it is to come home, that person’s true love was always the ship, and it’s where they died, and who they died with.

    My friend Gareth recently shared with me a quote. I’ve tried to find the original origins but I can’t. But it’s “Be careful when trying to find your knight in shining armour, that you don’t end up with a cunt in tinfoil.” I think it’s rather fitting!



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