One Way Love

One Way Love

Look to my eyes as I whisper I love you. 
Steady my hand as you walk away. 
All I’ve needed in life was always to hold you. 
So hold me, come hold me today. 

All I want to do is tell you I love you. 
But you can’t see what’s in front of eyes. 
Each smile a whisper, to tell you I need you. 
But with each goodbye a part of me dies.

The goosebumps on my skin spell out I love you.
But you are blind to the message they share. 
All I want is your heartbeat whenever I hold you. 
But when I turn in bed you’re not there. 

I think you know, without me saying I love you. 
That I want you more than you choose to care. 
But that’s okay, because I still know you. 
Even though that pain feels too much to bear. 

Davie Magill


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