I just want to keep on breathing
But it’s hard, thinking of you
The tightness in my chest,
I can’t go on I need a rest
From the way I feel about you every day

I wish that time could go back
To the start to start again
I’d try so hard not to fall
But I know I’d fall into this pain

Why do I try to fight the way I feel
I’m already gone, somewhere lost in your eyes
And it feels the only option is to sever ties
To say goodbyes

But I can’t go on
How do I move forward without you
And why do I keep falling back
One day I can take it, the next a torture rack

And it’s tearing me apart, limb by limb
Because I’m reaching with my arms
and you’re always too far away
To hold you like I dream

To whisper in your ear
To tell you every fear
And the biggest one is just to say
I feel

Davie Magill


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