For those of you who have known of me since the very beginning you will know that I used to have a blog. On that blog I posted hundreds of poems, some of which I put into eBooks. Those eBooks used to be available on iTunes, Amazon and other eBook sources. However I took those down as I had stopped writing and I was not entirely satisfied by the work within those eBooks. Many of the poems are not correctly edited, contain mistakes and are generally of a lower quality (especially the earlier ones compared to the later ones). However I do enjoy looking back to see the difference between my work now and then. I’ve also had people tell me they’ve enjoyed a lot of my earlier work despite the many mistakes! So, I’ve decided to make them available as .PDF documents which you can download to your computers, phones or tablets. Simply click the links below for eBook that you want.

Davie’s Poetry Volume 1

Davie’s Poetry Volume 2 ‘Gone Without a Glimpse’

Davie’s Poetry Volume 3 ‘Starry Nights’

Davie’s Poetry Volume 4 ‘Cal’

Hope you enjoy!




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