Empty Eyes

Empty Eyes

Empty eyes.
Missing shackles tear
If I stand and I can’t fight.
Terrified of you, you might.
And my love? Blot out my desires.
Heart so stained can’t see my choice.
Loving you cost me my voice.
Leave me slow.
Can’t watch you walk away.
The dimming light of day, your ghost.
Possession of my soul, your host.
We hold on tight,
Yet you don’t look me in the eye.
Until darkness hides your love from light.
Until shadows mix the wrong and right.
Lead me slow.
Temptations of the heart.
Suffering from love, my loss.
Giving into lust, chaos.
I love you.
Your smile it feels so warm.
You’ll never know the hurt I do.
I wish I was reborn, brand new.
Leave my pain, of broken tether lines.
Lines hold together broken hearts, from love.
Between souls or broken rhymes.
And empty eyes.
Long for fresher starts.
Leave to learn to love again,
Yet love loves to love you, again.
Broken hearts between us, only ever mine.

Davie Magill


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